Casual Luxury Meets Lakeside Living in this 2019-built home in Grand Haven!

Explore the allure of Grand Haven's custom-built ICI home, a 2019 haven at the southern end of Front Street. Unveiling 2,480 square feet of charm within its expansive 3,416 square feet, this retreat beckons a comfortable lifestyle.

Casual Luxury Meets Lakeside Living in this 2019-built home in Grand Haven!
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Situated at the south end of Front Street in the sought-after village of Grand Haven, this specially crafted ICI home is a sight to behold, offering amazing views of both sunrise and sunset. Capturing the beauty of this impressive residence, every little detail comes alive through the lens, showcasing a mix of comfort, practicality, and the calmness of its natural surroundings.

Stepping into the welcoming entrance, the meticulous attention to detail is immediately apparent. The open-plan living area, adorned with stylish tile flooring, unfolds like a simple yet elegant canvas. Connecting the living, dining, and kitchen spaces seamlessly, it sets a pleasant backdrop for everyday living and entertaining, encouraging you to experience warmth and togetherness.

Step into the kitchen, the true star of the house—an inviting space for those who love to cook. The lens focuses on granite countertops and two roomy islands that not only look classy but also promise strength and practicality. The stainless steel appliances steal the spotlight, creating the perfect setup for delicious meals and memorable get-togethers.

Moving on to the bedrooms and bathrooms captures the comfy and stylish vibe. Every bedroom boasts luxurious vinyl flooring, creating a cozy atmosphere. The master suite, with its spacious layout and plenty of natural light, becomes a serene hideaway within the home.

However, it's the outdoor charm that grabs the lens's attention the most. With a view of the lake, the setting becomes a picturesque scene for stunning sunsets. Being close to the Intracoastal Waterway ensures that residents get to wake up to gorgeous sunrises—a daily treat of natural beauty.

Talking about how practical and good-looking this home is. It's all set up with a generator, so if the power goes out, no big deal—everything keeps running smoothly. And check out the hybrid water heater, a smart move for saving energy and making everyday life easier.

Now, heading to the backyard porch, picture calm evenings with a view of the lake—it's like a peaceful scene. Step out the front door, and you're right by the Intracoastal Waterway, surrounded by nature and a fancy lifestyle. Living here is all about enjoying the simple, good things.

This Grand Haven home is more than just a place to live—it's like a story of comfort, fancy living, and everyday smarts. Look at all that storage space in our photos—it doesn't just make things look good but also shows how everything has a purpose in daily life. It's a home that feels warm, like it's saying, "Come in and live a life where every part has its own story of modern style and the calmness of nature." So, welcome home to a place that's just as awesome as the views it shows off effortlessly.

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